Kızılay Impact Investment and Consulting Inc.
Hakan Erturk
General Manager

When we made the decision to join EYDK, we carefully evaluated the key role that this platform plays in social, environmental, and economic development. We observed that EYDK provides effective leadership in the areas of strategic guidance and sustainability. The organization provides a strong framework for impact investing, enabling the successful management of projects that focus on sustainable development goals.

As Kızılay Etki Yatırım AŞ, we are committed to further deepening impact investing within this scope through our membership in EYDK. We would like to emphasize our commitment to supporting innovative and sustainable projects that are sensitive to the needs of our people. Being part of the EYDK platform is a significant opportunity and responsibility for our company. In this framework, we aim to maximize the potential of impact investing by collaborating with EYDK to contribute to Turkey’s sustainable development goals.

Şafak hanım

Şafak Müderrisgil
Chair of Executive Board

EYDK persistently collaborates with stakeholders to bolster institutional capacity, fostering the growth of Türkiye’s impact investment ecosystem and shaping its environment. Serving as the eligible Turkish National Advisory Board on impact investment globally, EYDK also represents Turkey in the international network. As a key player in the developing impact investment ecosystem, Etkiyap remains committed to ongoing work and collaboration aligned with the mission and vision of EYDK.

Development Investment Bank of Türkiye
Seçil Kızılkaya Yıldız
Executive Vice President

EYDK’s value in the field of impact investing comes from adopting a balanced approach between sustainability, social impact and financial return. EYDK’s focus is that impact investments not only provide financial returns but also have the potential to create positive change in society and the environment. As TKYB, we believe that there are important opportunities for our country in the field of impact investing, in parallel with the mission of EYDK, of which we are a founding member. In the process of adaptation to the Paris Agreement and the green transformation journey, it is critical to realize the impact investment-oriented projects in addition to project finance and capital market instruments. We also see supporting investments in this field as an important duty as the Development Bank of the country. With the triggering power of our EYDK membership, our Bank has been a signatory of the Operational Principles for Impact Management since 2022.

Maxis Private Equity Asset Management Company
Özgür Temel

Impact investing is becoming increasingly important today as an important tool for social, environmental and economic development. EYDK continues to progress towards becoming an important platform that supports the spread of impact investments and the achievement of our country’s sustainable development goals; By bringing together industry stakeholders, it both encourages information sharing and aims to remove the barriers to impact investing by raising awareness and creating public opinion.

Maxis Private Equity’s (Maxis) partnership with EYDK, one of the most important platforms created to promote impact investing in Turkey, is one of the most important indicators of its commitment to impact investing and its desire to contribute to the development of the sector. Maxis also supports the establishment of impact investment funds such as Founder One and Arya.

Turkven Private Equity
Hale Özsoy Bıyıklı

By bringing together the private sector and public institutions, EYDK made a significant contribution to aligning efforts on impact, creating an impact investment infrastructure, ensuring that our country attracts more funds from global impact investors, and transforming all these efforts into concrete collaborations. As Turkven Private Equity, we have been leading the sustainability and impact efforts of the portfolio companies for years and supporting them with the best practices in our global network. We are a signatory to the Operating Principles for Impact Management since 2020 and the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) since 2022.

Poyraz Koğacıoğlu

The Industrial Development Bank of Türkiye

Poyraz Koğacıoğlu

Executive Vice President

At TSKB, we have been committed to fostering quality development and sustainability since our establishment in 1950. We selectively support companies with a positive social impact, rigorously measuring their contributions, and exercise discernment in  financing and offering investment banking and advisory services. In this regard, we are delighted to extend our support to EYDK, as our shared values align closely.

Businesses that operate within the framework of sustainability principles, prioritizing environmental and social considerations alongside financial profitability, play a crucial role in shaping a sustainable future. In this sense, EYDK, as one of the prominent organizations in our country, offers invaluable services aimed to raise awareness about impact investing, disseminate information, and fostering a culture of impact investing.

T. Garanti Bankası A.Ş.

Murat Çağrı Süzer

Executive Vice President

We are happy to be among the founding members of the Impact Investment Advisory Board (EYDK) Association, which brings the impact investment agenda that aims to create social and environmental benefits to our country and works to develop the impact investment model and popularize its applications in Türkiye.

Impact investments are one of the most powerful tools available to the private sector to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations for 2030. Significant investments are needed in areas such as ending poverty, creating sustainable cities and communities, transitioning to clean energy and protecting biodiversity, and inter-institutional cooperation and partnerships are more important than ever to close this financing gap. In recent years, the role and influence of the EYDK Association has been great in supporting the development and promotion of the impact investment model in our country, as well as the establishment of the necessary regulatory systems.

As Garanti BBVA, we are aware of the transformative power of the financial sector and our responsibility to invest within the framework of social needs and environmental impacts. In light of our sustainability strategy based on combating climate change and supporting inclusive growth, we always aim to  cooperate with the institutions that create social and environmental benefits by supporting impact investments in our country.