SDG Investor Map Turkey, The Impact Investing Ecosystem Study Report

Resilient Cities of the Future Workshop: Findings

Impact investing offers a strong value proposition towards solving these challenges, not only regarding sustainable governance, strategy development and implementation, or impact measurement and management, but also for providing the essential platforms and instruments for financing urban healing and advancement. To that end, EYDK organised a hybrid workshop hosted by the Habitat Association in strategic partnership with Harvard Business Review Türkiye on March 23rd, 2023. Experts from 15 leading institutions exchanged ideas in an event that was followed by more than 100 participants. Three panels were focused on “generating positive social and environmental impact“, “financing the impact”, and “creating impact on the ground”.

The Potential of Urban Healing Advancement in Turkiye Report

Impact Investment Advisory Board (EYDK) and the Global Steering Group for Impact Investment (GSG) joined forces on the road to more resilient and inclusive cities in Türkiye. The proposed “Urban Healing and Advancement” framework focuses on key areas of holistic planning, local community building, stakeholder relations management, access to sustainable capital and commercial opportunities. The urban tools proposed with the framework will be put in practice in a pilot project. As a trillion-dollar global market, impact investing advocates for a more active and responsible private sector in the social and environmental fields.

Joint Forces for Impact Investing Report Report

As part of Türkiye’s term presidency of the MIKTA platform, the impact leaders of five G20 member countries (Mexico, Indonesia, Republic of Korea, Türkiye and Australia) prepared the Joint Forces for Impact Investing Report. This collective report presents the impact investment ecosystems of MIKTA countries, highlighting the status and potential of each country while focusing on the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit by setting specific social and environmental goals in addition to financial ones.

“Unity is Strength” Strategic Report

The “Unity is Strength” Search Conference was held in cooperation with EYDK, PwC and YASED on October 20, 2021. 31 distinguished contributors came together to discuss impact investing from different perspectives. This report represents the last steps towards the evidence-based formatting of EYDK’s strategy, priorities, action plan, and working groups.

White Paper on Impact Measurement and Management in Impact Investing

This document is intended to be used by investors, businesses and other stakeholders to include positive and negative impact issues in investment and business decisions, as well as to inform the public about changes and developments in the relevant field. What impact investing is, impact management, examples from the world and Turkey are discussed. You can make your additions to this document, which will be updated periodically with your contributions, via this form by January 31st, 2022 the latest.

EYDK as a Catalyser Report

In the first report prepared by EYDK, EYDK as a Catalyser; The Sustainable Development Goals, the basic principles of impact investing, the opportunities awaiting Turkey in this new area, the importance of acting in harmony with its national priorities and being able to direct these priorities from the EYDK’s perspective were underlined.

The Impact Investing Ecosystem Study Report

The Impact Investing Ecosystem Study Report indicates five key areas where the highest impact may be generated in Turkey which are refugee livelihoods, women’s empowerment, renewable energy, health- tech and financial inclusion. Aligning these key areas with entrepreneurship activities in Turkey is critical to raising capital for businesses with and for impact and scale-up models.

SDG Investor Map Turkey

SDG Investor Maps developed by UNDP SDG Impact, are in-depth reports on SDG-enabling investment opportunities and conditions in target markets and sectors. The map aims to mobilize SDG-oriented investments and accelerate SDG progress in the country. Map serves as a guide that consists of detailed information on 27 investment opportunity areas identified across 9 priority sectors: Technology and Communications, Transportation, Renewables and Alternative Energy, Education, Healthcare, Food & Beverage, Consumer Goods, Infrastructure and Financials.