EYDK aims to strengthen Türkiye’s Impact Investing ecosystem and support the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through its Impact Investing Forum. Organised in collaboration with its members. This forum will showcase best practices and innovative approaches implemented by EYDK’s members and stakeholders. It will introduce investors and private sector companies to the SDG agenda. The objective is to encourage these organisations to assess their investments, business models, and management processes through an “impact lens” and to mobilise private sector capital towards these goals. Through these events, EYDK aims to raise awareness about the impact agendas of its member and stakeholder institutions, reaching a broader audience.


At the forum, EYDK members and stakeholders will share their Impact Investing stories and successful projects. The focus will be on analysing national and international best practices through detailed case studies, examining strategies and practical approaches in depth. Innovative financing tools and various funding models will be introduced, providing insights into their effective implementation. Experts in Impact Measurement and Management will provide knowledge and guidance, while  experts working in different impact areas will share their insights and experiences. The event will highlight the reflections impact across different sectors, creating awareness in policy development and shedding light on sustainability innovations in the business world and developments in the impact ecosystem. Participants will have the opportunity to explore the potential and benefits of impact investment through exemplary cases of best practices.

What to Expect at the Forum?

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Networking Opportunities

Connect with industry leaders and explore collaboration opportunities.

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Training and Workshops

Participate in various training sessions and workshops to enhance your knowledge and skills in Impact Investing.

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Panels and Fireside Chats

Engage in panels and fireside chats featuring experts in Impact Investing.

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Collaboration Opportunities

Foster national and international collaboration opportunities among private sector, public sector, and civil society organisations.

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New Investment Opportunities

Explore new opportunities in impact Investing.