A First in Türkiye: Social Impact Bond Launched!

Free software training will be provided to young people in Istanbul to ensure their employment.

Istanbul Development Agency (ISTKA), operating under the coordination of the Ministry of Industry and Technology’s Directorate General for Development Agencies, has launched a $1.25 million Social Impact Bond to train and employ young unemployed individuals. Through the Social Impact Bond, young individuals entering the software sector will be equipped with future skills through an educational program and will be employed.

First Social Impact Bond: “Istanbul Coding” Project Has Begun!

The Istanbul Coding Project aims to enhance the talents and skills of young people by providing them with software training. Young individuals who successfully complete the software training programs will gain opportunities in the software sector. With this project, 550 unemployed young people will be employed, equipped with future skills. Additionally, the demand for trained human resources in the software field by companies will be met.


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