EYDK Secretary General Tuğçe Söğüt Explained the Importance and Role of Impact Investing in Türkiye!

Tuğçe Söğüt, Secretary General of the Impact Investing Advisory Board, Türkiye, participated as a speaker at the “Impact Investment and Recognition of the Concept of Impact Investment in Türkiye” event hosted by The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Türkiye (TOBB) Ankara Young Entrepreneurs Council on February 29, 2024.

The event, hosted at the Ankara Chamber of Industry, commenced with opening remarks from Aykut Altıntaş, Chairman of the Green Transformation and Sustainability Working Group of TOBB Ankara Young Entrepreneurs Council and Hakan Tarhan, President of the Executive Board. The keynote address by EYDK Secretary General Tuğçe Söğüt focused on the pivotal role and significance of Impact Investing in Türkiye, highlighting both national and international developments within the ecosystem.

The event, continued with active participation of aspiring young entrepreneurs, encouraged discussions on the core principles of impact investing. Furthermore, it explored innovative initiatives and regulatory frameworks in Türkiye concerning impact measurement and management.