President’s Message

Dear members, 

A paradigm shift within the investment ecosystem is happening with The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. That being said, impact investing is gaining momentum as it focuses on making positive and measurable social and/or environmental impacts along with financial returns at every stage.

Impact investing, which is applied both in developed and developing countries around the world, occupies a place in various areas where solutions for social and environmental challenges are sought. Impact investments are gaining traction with a new mindset to locate sustainability in the heart of the business rather than seeing it as an additional factor to conventional business models. It is extremely important to attract this rapidly growing global demand to Türkiye and support qualified business ideas at every stage so that national capital is channelled to this area.

The global market of impact investing, which is to be one of the biggest trends to form our future, has currently reached the 1 trillion dollar mark. Therefore, it is highly important for Türkiye to be in this space in order to take advantage of this potential of impact investing. With that in mind, Impact Investing Advisory Board (EYDK) is established to make impact investing become a mainstream investment model in Türkiye and spread it to the masses.

The Impact Investing Advisory Board (EYDK), consisting of 30 key stakeholders from the public, private and third sectors, rely its strength on Türkiye’s bridging role in geopolitical, social and economic areas, competent human capital and entrepreneurial spirit. With this strength, we have set foot on this journey to create sustainable and integrative value.

We welcome all stakeholders who are keen to build capacity in this area. Within this mission, EYDK will function as a platform and support the development of impact investments. Within this context, EYDK aims to develop a regulatory system for impact investing, form a transparent, inclusive and active ecosystem, raise awareness and competence, and form a national framework for impact measurement and management.

EYDK is ready to give this support along with all its members and growing stakeholder base.


Şafak Müderrisgil