Pınar Süt Şanlıurfa Plant

Pınar Süt’s Şanlıurfa Plant is the largest food investment in the Southeastern Anatolia. Şanlıurfa Plant is the only large-scale production facility in and around Şanlıurfa that utilizes modern and eco-friendly production technologies.

Direct Impact SDGs:

Aiming to improve the milk and dairy production industry and farming in the Southeastern Anatolia region, Pınar Süt took a step to establish the Şanlıurfa Plant.

Pınar Süt’s Şanlıurfa plant, which started its operations with a total investment of nearly 100 million TL, contributes to the development of the milk and dairy products industry in Türkiye and the cities in the region. With this investment accelerating dairy production activities in the region, Pınar Süt utilizes the milk collected from 10 different cities of the surrounding regions to produce long-lasting milk, ayran, yoghurt and cheese in its modern Şanlıurfa facilities that meet European Union standards.

The market size of the Dairy Product Consumption in the Türkiye is 776.509 tons in volume and 10.940.103 TL in value in 2021. As the premium brand of dairy market, Pınar has 12,7% volume share and 13,2% value share thanks to its wide product portfolio.

Dairy market in Türkiye includes seven main categories and have lots of subcatego-ries which are milk, cheese, yoghurt, ayran, butter, cream and kefir.

As the founder of UHT milk category, Pınar drives the market with its subcategories and maintains its market position since 1973. In addition to this, Pınar Dairy is the innova-tor of Pınar Labne, original reciepe, which gives its name to labne category included in spreadable cheese category. Pınar Labne is the leader brand in Gulf Countries as well, and has the highest awereness score.

In terms of competitive strengths, however there is a compelling competition in all categories, Pınar has lots of advantages written below.
➢ Healthy, innovative and tasty dairy products since 1973
➢ First UHT milk brand in Türkiye
➢ Strong ability of creating new categories
➢ Extended product portfolio with innovative products
➢ High brand awareness, well established brand image
➢ Most “desirable and premium brand” among dairy competition
➢ Highest “trustworthy”, “expert” and “quality” image scores among dairy competition
➢ High household penetration
➢ Wide distribution network with more than 150.000 sales points
➢ Powerful point of purchase displays
➢ Bonding with its consumers thanks to its effective communication campaigns

Pınar Süt contributes to the improvement of the dairy production sector with its annual raw milk processing capacity exceeding 90 million litres in its factory in Şanlıurfa.

Operating on an area of 100 thousand square meters, Pınar Süt’s Şanlıurfa Plant potentially creates an income source for 5,000 people to work in departments such as raw materials production, sales, transportation and packaging production.

In Şanlıurfa Plant’s latest generation automation production environment-friendly technologies that use minimum energy were preferred.

The “One Child Smiles, the World Smiles” project is organized with Velotürk, which was established to deliver bicycles to children in need across Türkiye and to encourage sports for a healthy life. By the organized project at Pınar Süt Şanlıurfa Plant for 2 consecu-tive years, a total of 300 children were gifted bicycles.

A commercial film with the message “Blessings to all of Türkiye!” was shot and broadcast on national, local and digital channels.

Within the scope of the “The Future of Our Milk is in Safe Hands” project, the train-ings with the contribution and participation of Şanlıurfa Provincial Directorate of Agricul-ture, Food and Livestock, Şanlıurfa Cattle Breeders Association and Gaziantep Dairy Pro-ducers Association were held at Pınar Süt Şanlıurfa Plant. By the project, training studies on “Animal Nutrition, Animal Health, Hygiene and Sanitation” were carried out together with Harran University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Department of Animal Science and Ani-mal Nutrition and Harran University Faculty of Veterinary Sciences Department of Clinical Sciences.

The “Let’s Move with Fun, Let’s Eat Healthy” project was implemented with the aim of raising healthy generations and carried out in cooperation with the Ministry of National Education General Directorate of Basic Education.

“Pınar Children’s Theater” and “Pınar Children’s Painting Workshop”, which are long-term projects that will leave a healthier and more sustainable physical-social environ-ment to future generations for a livable world and a quality life, and contribute to social development, were also held in Şanlıurfa. The “Children’s Painting Contest” event receives continuous applications and participation from Şanlıurfa.

Pınar Institute was deemed worthy of the Awareness Award at the Women-Friendly Brands Platform for the trainings it provided to women producers within the scope of the “The Future of Our Milk is in Safe Hands” project, which it has been carrying out since 2014.

“Türkiye’s Most Admired Companies” Award With the award it received in 2021, Pınar Süt, which maintains its leadership in the industry by consolidating its brand image and aware-ness, proved once again that it is the “Most Admired Company” in its field. The Company received this accolade in the “Milk and Dairy Products” category of the “Most Admired Companies in the Business World” survey conducted by Zenna Research and Consultancy under the leadership of Capital Magazine in 2021.

In the Top 100 in the List of “Türkiye’s Top 250 Companies by R&D Spending” Pınar ranked among the top 100 in the “R&D 250, Türkiye’s Top 250 Companies by R&D Spending” survey conducted by Turkishtime Türkiye (Economy and Business Culture Por-tal). According to the 2021 data of the Turkishtime Türkiye R&D 250 survey, the Pınar Süt R&D Center ranked:
· 3rd among the top 10 companies with the highest R&D spend in the food in-dustry,
· 65th in terms of the number of projects carried out at the R&D Center,
· 17th in terms of the number of brands registered by the R&D Center.

“Women-Friendly Brand Award” for Pınar Süt received the Awareness Award at the Women-Friendly Brands Platform for the training provided to female producers as part of the “Future of Our Milk is in Safe Hands” project conducted by Pınar Institute since 2014.