Our Approach

Our Mission

The EYDK aims to create an enabling environment to facilitate the growth of impact investing and to establish a well-functioning ecosystem in Türkiye.

Our Vision

The EYDK has the vision to make impact investing become a mainstream, sustainable and inclusive investing choice in Türkiye.

Our Strategic Priorities

The EYDK will create an enabling environment for impact investing to flourish in Türkiye through;
Mobilising the government agencies and private sector stakeholders to develop a regulatory system to define and incentives impact investing as a method for sustainable and inclusive investing.
Developing a transparent, inclusive, and active ecosystem for impact investing by providing capacity-building activities prioritising the government agencies, respective independent non-governmental institutions, public sector capital, and private sector capital.
Raising awareness, creating a common language, and building and sharing knowledge regarding impact investment.
Developing a clear understanding of impact measurement and management across all sectors and establishing a national impact management framework