EYDK Impact Investing Summit 2024 panels are now on the EYDK Youtube channel!

The panels from the EYDK Impact Investing Summit 2024, held at Boğaziçi University on May 23-24 under the theme “Accelerating Impact: Shaping the Future, Transforming Together,” are now available on the EYDK YouTube channel. Don’t miss out! 

Watch insightful panels from our summit on the EYDK YouTube channel to dive into innovative impact investments and explore the ecosystem. Discover the latest in impact investing! 

Türkiye is making great strides in impact investing! Key milestones include the first social impact bond, the creation of impact funds, and the inaugural EYDK Impact Investing Summit. At the summit, we showcased Türkiye’s transition to an impact economy, raised awareness, and fostered collaboration in the field. Let’s continue to drive change together!

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EYDK Organised First ‘Impact Investing Forum’ in Izmir in Partnership with TARKEM, Focusing on “Place-Based Impact Investing” Theme!

EYDK, aiming to make impact investing a widespread, sustainable, and inclusive option in Türkiye, is launching an event series called the ‘Impact Investing Forum’, in collaboration with its member institutions, focusing on different sectors and investment areas where “Impact” matters. The first event of this series, in partnership with TARKEM, took place on Friday, June 7, 2024, at the Historical Akın Passage Kemeraltı in Izmir.

Since its establishment, EYDK has played a role in introducing and implementing the concept of “Place-Based Impact Investing” in Türkiye. In collaboration with its member institution TARKEM, EYDK convened stakeholders in the Aegean Region to delve deeper into the subject matter. Place-Based Impact Investing proposes making strategic investments tailored to the economic, social, and environmental needs of a specific region to promote its sustainable development.

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EYDK Held Türkiye’s First Impact Investing Summit

The EYDK Impact Investing Summit 2024, organised by the Impact Investing Advisory Board (EYDK) for the first time this year, was successfully completed on May 23-24 at Boğaziçi University under the theme “Accelerating Impact: Forge the Future, Transform Together”.

The Impact Investing Advisory Board (EYDK) has been leading efforts to advance the impact investing ecosystem in Türkiye and promote sustainable development centred around impact since 2021. Alongside members from the public, private, and nonprofit sectors, EYDK continues its efforts to position Türkiye as a regional leader in impact investing, with its authorised national partner status representing Türkiye within the international impact investment network GSG Impact.

In Türkiye’s developmental journey in impact investing, the implementation of the first social impact bond and the establishment of impact funds in 2023 are considered significant milestones. The EYDK Impact Investing Summit 2024 aimed to highlight Türkiye’s progress in transitioning to an impact economy, while also aiming to increase awareness, promote, and strengthen collaborations in the field of impact investing.


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EYDK Initiates the Transformation in the Business World with SDG Impact Standards! 

EYDK Initiates the Transformation in the Business World with SDG Impact Standards!

As a prerequisite for EYDK membership, the SDG Impact Standards Training will be implemented by EYDK starting in 2024. EYDK is committed to ensuring the accessibility of the SDG Impact Standards Training for all interested organisations, prioritising member institutions. This initiative aligns with the worldwide adoption of SDG Impact Standards by UNDP SDG Impact.

In this context, on February 13, 2024, the SDG Impact Standards Information Session for senior executives of EYDK member institutions was hosted by Kale Group President and CEO Zeynep Bodur Okyay, and SDG Impact Director Fabienne Michaux attended the session via video message. The session was concluded with a presentation by Ceyda Özgün, Chief Impact Officer at Etkiyap, the training partner and one of the founding members of EYDK.

The SDG Impact Standards Training, with the participation of EYDK members, will take place in Istanbul, hosted by Sabancı ARF, from February 15 to 17, 2024, and in Ankara, hosted by ODTÜ TEKNOKENT, from February 21 to 23, 2024.


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