• Facilitate Collaboration: The working group aims to establish a platform for constructive dialogues and partnerships among various stakeholders, including ventures, venture capitalists, portfolio management firms, public institutions, academic institutions, and others.
  • Network Building: Encouraging network formation aims to bring together diverse entities within the impact ecosystem. This initiative is expected to enhance communication and create knowledge exchange and resource-sharing opportunities.
  • Aligning Capital for Sustainable Development: The working group aspires to redirect capital flows towards impact-driven investments. By bringing together different stakeholders, it seeks to catalyse investments addressing urgent social and environmental challenges while contributing to sustainable development goals.


  • Startups: Social enterprises, impact-focused startups, and organisations committed to creating positive change.
  • Venture Capitals: Investors and venture capitalists interested in supporting businesses with a focus on financial returns, and societal and environmental positive impact.
  • Asset Management Firms: Organisations managing investment portfolios, emphasising integrating impact considerations into their strategies.
  • Public Institutions: Facilitating collaborative action with public institutions to ensure favourable legal frameworks for investments to generate positive environmental and social impacts within financial returns.
  • Academia: Educational and research institutions contribute intellectual capital and foster innovation in the impact space.


  • Facilitating Cross-Sector Collaboration: The working group will organise regular forums to facilitate constructive cross-sectoral collaboration. These forums will provide a platform for in-depth discussions, knowledge-sharing, and the exploration of collaborative opportunities within the impact ecosystem.
  • Knowledge-Sharing Workshops: The group will host workshops designed to foster knowledge exchange among participants. These workshops aim to delve into specific topics, share best practices, and promote a deeper understanding of the intricacies involved in impact-focused initiatives.
  • Networking Events for Idea Generation: Networking events will be organised to encourage connections and idea generation. These gatherings will provide a conducive environment for participants to engage in meaningful conversations, share innovative ideas, and explore potential synergies.
  • Exploration of Collaborations and Investments: The working group will actively facilitate discussions and initiatives aimed at exploring potential collaborations and investments. By creating avenues for participants to connect on specific projects, the group aims to catalyse impactful ventures that align with sustainable development goals.

By fostering a dynamic ecosystem where diverse stakeholders converge, the Impact Capital Working Group aims to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of impact investing, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable and inclusive global economy.