“Having the private sector on board is important, as it is the beating heart of the Turkish economy.”

An important source for those interested in learning about the Turkish National Advisory Board (EYDK) within the The Global Steering Group for Impact Investment (GSG) and the impact investing ecosystem in Türkiye!

You can read the article “NAB Viewpoints: Local Action for Global Impact” which includes the interview conducted by Impact-Investor.com with EYDK Board Member Hale Ozsoy, from the link below.

🔗 Read the full article: https://lnkd.in/dZCGUJrQ

EYDK Board Member Hale Özsoy emphasized the following points:

  • EYDK’s mission is to attract global impact investors, making Türkiye a regional hub and a model for surrounding countries,
  • With a diverse composition of private, public, and non-profit institutions, EYDK is fostering collaboration and influencing policy for accelerated progress,
  • Transitioning from ESG to impact investing, Türkiye is setting clear targets, measuring progress, and attracting more capital towards impactful initiatives.

Istanbul by Engin Yapici on Unsplash