EYDK Held the Last Board Meeting of the Year!

EYDK President Şafak Müderrisgil and EYDK Secretary General Onur İlhan presented the activities of EYDK for 2022.

The Sustainable Development Goals within the Context of Resilient Startups and Climate Action panel was hosted by EYDK at the United Nations Climate Change Conference COP27. The participants of the panel, EYDK President Şafak Müderrisgil, Founder One Impact Leader Cem Leon Menase, Advisor to the Rector of Bahçeşehir University, Prof. Dr Esra Hatipoğlu and Türkiye Development Investment Bank, Sustainability and Environmental Social Impact Management Manager Erhan Çalışkan shared their impressions about the conference with the EYDK members.

Within the framework of Turkiye’s MIKTA platform term presidency, the Joint Forces for Impact Investing Report was prepared by the impact leaders of MIKTA countries with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Deputy Director General for Multilateral Economic Affairs, Head of the Department, Aslı Güven, spoke about the importance of the MIKTA platform and conveyed her views on the report’s contribution to the partnership.

The Ministry of Treasury and Finance’s new EYDK representative General Directorate of Economic Programs and Research, Deputy General Manager, Ali İbrahim Gür, also attended the meeting and shared his views.