EYDK Discussed the Contribution of Impact-oriented Startups in Climate Action at COP27

EYDK discussed the contribution of impact-oriented startups in climate action at COP27.

At the panel held at COP27, Impact Investing Advisory Board (EYDK) discussed how startups will contribute to climate action by complying with the Sustainable Development Goals with a focus on social and environmental impact.

EYDK, the national advisory board representing Türkiye in the world of impact investing worth 2.3 trillion dollars, hosted the Sustainable Development Goals Panel at the 27th Climate Summit (COP27) organised by the United Nations (UN) in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt.

The panel took place on the 9th of November. The speakers of the panel were Şafak Müderrisgil, President Impact Investment Advisory Board, Founder One Impact Leader Cem Leon Menase, Bahçeşehir University Advisor to the Rector Prof. Dr Esra Hatipoğlu and Seçil Yıldız, Deputy General Manager of the Development and Investment Bank of Türkiye.

The panel discussed how initiatives could contribute to climate action by being impact-oriented and SDG compliant. Within this context, strategies of institutions from different sectors, examples of best practices, and future roadmaps were discussed in order to raise awareness and develop the required capacity. The panel was a platform for the establishment of national and international collaborations at the EYDK by demonstrating the common value on where the participating institutions can base their relevant SDG compliance and Climate Action studies.

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