EYDK is a Member of The GSG!

Türkiye joins the global impact investing movement

Türkiye is the latest National Advisory Board to join The Global Steering Group for Impact Investment (GSG), through the creation of the Impact Investing Advisory Board (EYDK). The body brings together 38 leading public, private, and non-profit sector institutions around the vision of making impact investing a mainstream, sustainable, and inclusive choice for investors across the country.

The GSG is an independent organisation that is catalysing impact investment and entrepreneurship to benefit people and the planet. Covering 35 countries through its 30 national and regional advisory boards, GSG brings together leaders from finance, business, philanthropy and governments to drive a shift towards impact economies.

Impact investing is focusing on generating positive, measurable social and environmental impact while targeting financial returns. With $2.3 trillion worth of assets under management according to the IFC, the global impact investing market is gaining momentum. EYDK’s core aim is to place Türkiye on this map.

EYDK President Safak Muderrisgil commented: “Already in EYDK’s first year, the readiness and motivation of the key stakeholders have accelerated Türkiye’s involvement in the global impact economy in this historic turning point and EYDK is accordingly working towards nurturing the local ecosystem.”

EYDK Secretary General Onur Ilhan added: “As an enabler, EYDK values advocacy on all fronts and supports interventions towards raising awareness, building capacity, spearheading policymaking, and forming a global business and knowledge network.”

Türkiye’s commitment has been received positively by the GSG community. GSG CEO Cliff Prior said: “We are delighted to welcome the Turkey National Advisory Board into our growing impact community. This is a crucial time in the fight against climate change and global social challenges. EYDK will be a strong participant in the rapid development of a new investment future with impact transparency, and will help with the mobilisation of capital to places which need it most.“

Benefitting from Türkiye’s status as a G20 country connecting two continents, the local impact investing ecosystem has the potential to become an important regional market entry point. On top of evidence-based themes, such as women’s empowerment, refugee livelihoods, the European Green Deal, green cities, and participation finance, EYDK also focuses on strategic angles such as Impact Measurement and Management (IMM) and aims to help nurture impact entrepreneurs and funds.