The GSG Global Impact Summit was held in Malaga, Spain, on October 2-3!

The event stands as the flagship gathering within the impact movement, uniting practitioners and leaders from the realms of finance, business, policy-making, and civil society across the world each year, organised in various locations.

During the Summit, six new countries announced their participation in The Global Steering Group for Impact Investment (GSG)’s network of National Advisory Boards: Sri Lanka, Peru, Belgium, Norway, Greece, and Malaysia. Additionally, the event celebrated the 10th anniversary of establishing the G8’s 2013 Social Impact Investment Taskforce, which served as a precursor to the GSG, with the participation of network stakeholders.

EYDK (Impact Investing Advisory Board, Turkiye) and her national partners provided valuable contributions to this global gathering.

– Şafak Müderrisgil, President of EYDK,  moderated the panel titled ‘What are the key challenges and next steps for audit & assurance of impact performance.’
– Tuğçe Söğüt,  Secretary General of EYDK, served as a speaker in the panel titled ‘Connecting Capital to Communities: The Potential of Place-Based Investing.’

In addition, EYDK Members took their places in the following sessions;

– Cem Baytok, Managing Partner of idacapital, offered practical insights in the panel titled ‘Investing in Technology: Impact Challenges and Impact Opportunities.’
– Can Atacik, a Member of the Executive Committee of Etkiyap, moderated the panel titled ‘What will it take to drive the investment needed to finance the Just Transition.’

The Summit boasted over 1,000 attendees representing more than 60 countries and featured panels and workshops on topics such as capital mobilisation, impact transparency, and the development of impact economies.


EYDK Participated in Access to Finance for Social Entrepreneurs Panel

Tuğçe Söğüt, Secretary General of EYDK participated as a speaker to the “Access to finance for social entrepreneurs” panel during the Social Entrepreneurship Forum held in Baku, Azerbaijan on October 13!

The session was moderated by Samir Aliyev (Education HUB), and other speakers included Jala Hajiyeva (Azerbaijan Micro Finance Association), Nicolas Malmendier (EVPA), and Elmir Huseynov (Caucasus Venture).

The Social Entrepreneurship Forum aims to support the social entrepreneurship ecosystem in Azerbaijan, provide recommendations in this regard, and bring together ecosystem activists and decision-makers. Panel discussions focused on the establishment of a legal framework for social entrepreneurship in Azerbaijan, integration of social entrepreneurship into state programs, and economic support, with a particular emphasis on access to finance for social entrepreneurs. The forum gathered 100 participants from the public and private sector as well as CSO’s and media.


“Urban Resilience in Post-Earthquake Reconstruction: Development and Financing Through Capital Markets’’

“Urban Resilience in Post-Earthquake Reconstruction: Development and Financing Through Capital Markets’’ Panel Held at the 7th Turkish Capital Markets Summit on  4th of October!

“Urban Resilience in Post-Earthquake Reconstruction: Development and Financing Through Capital Markets’  panel was held at the Turkish Capital Markets Summit, addressing the earthquake risk in our country and the economic and societal effects of disasters.

During the panel, the extent of the damage caused by earthquakes and the importance of urban resilience were emphasized, and discussions took place on how Turkey can be better prepared for future disasters. Panelists evaluated the economic losses and societal impacts caused by earthquakes while discussing financing methods to enhance urban resilience.

The panel was moderated by Tuğçe Söğüt, the General Secretary of EYDK (Impact Investing Advisory Board), and featured expert speakers Jonathan F. B. Rose (Jonathan Rose Companies, Urban Planner and Real Estate Developer), Can Atacık (Founder of Alethina Impact, Executive Committee Member of Etkiyap), Seçil Yıldız (Deputy General Manager of the Development and Investment Bank of Turkey), Cem Ocak (Deputy Director of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development), and Prof. Dr. Ali Hepşen (Istanbul University, Faculty of Business)  discussed the importance of urban resilience and the role of capital markets.”


Sunshine of Şanlıurfa Project Continues with Final Beneficiary Trainings!

Activities of the Sunshine of Şanlıurfa project began in February 2023 under the ENHANCER project. ENHANCER is financed by the EU and implemented in coordination with the General Directorate of Development Agencies of the Ministry of Industry and Technology by the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD).

The project, conducted in collaboration with TGMP by EYDK, aims to create sustainable partnerships among local and national stakeholders in Şanlıurfa, enhance the capacity of entrepreneurial institutions, and include women from Syrians under Temporary Protection status and the local community in the entrepreneurship ecosystem. It also seeks to strengthen social cohesion through scalable actions.

Within the scope of the project, Training of Trainers (ToT) was provided to 10 staff members of the Türkiye Grameen Microfinance Program, which is active in 65 provinces in Türkiye, with the aim of capacity development for TGMP personnel. After the completion of the Training of Trainers (ToT) program, the final beneficiary trainings has begun, hosted by the ŞUTSO (Şanlıurfa Chamber of Commerce and Industry) on October 6-7 and continue throughout the month of October. The goal is to reach a total of 150 women through the final beneficiary trainings.


“Demystifying Urban Healing and Advancement: Instruments and Strategies” Report!

A new report titled ‘Demystifying Urban Healing and Advancement: Instruments and Strategies‘ has now been released. The report, launched on September 7, serves as a fundamental document to activate place-based impact investing in Turkey. It’s based on consultations with international, public, and private sector representatives and a thorough literature review. The report focuses on effective approaches and financial instruments available in the country and highlights the importance of catalytic capital.

This report is part of the ‘Scaling Catalytical Capital Deployment to Address the Informal Settlements Crisis’ Project, a collaboration between The Global Steering Group for Impact Investment (GSG) with support from the Catalytic Capital Consortium (C3). The project was based on the important “Informal Settlements: No Longer Invisible” report, which was launched by the GSG policy team in July 2022. The report aimed to increase awareness about urban resilience and the role of the private sector. It also intended to create a transparent and action-oriented knowledge hub for impact investing in specific places and lay the foundation for this field by bringing different areas of expertise together. This report is a global call to action, motivating efforts to implement effective and scalable solutions. 

C3, launched in 2019, is an initiative created and led by the MacArthur Foundation, The Rockefeller Foundation, and Omidyar Network. They jointly fund the $10 million C3 Grantmaking program, which focuses on engaging investors, advancing research, networking, peer learning, and other activities to promote the use of catalytic capital globally.


The fourth event of the Startups Meetings Series:”Impact Investment and Tourism.”

The fourth event in the Startups Meetings series, in collaboration with the Social Impact Agenda, took place on Wednesday, September 13th, with the theme “Impact Investment and Tourism.”


The opening remarks and moderation of the event were conducted by Ceren Zeytinoğlu, Co-Founder of Beginning Node. During the event, presentations were given regarding the business processes of The Hab and Wonderful Italy, and we heard details about the current situation in Italy and Türkiye from Mine Güneş Kaya and Paolo Ottaviani.

– Ceren Zeytinoğlu, Beginning Node, Co-Founder
– Mine Güneş Kaya, International Federation for Information Technologies and Travel & Tourism (IFITT) Türkiye Chapter
– Paolo Ottaviani, Innovation & Corporate Venturing Consultant, ARGO, Italian Tourism, and Traveltech Accelerator
– Maurizio Giambalvo, Wonderful Italy, Social Impact & Special Projects Manager
– Suha Özcan Afacan, The Hab, Co-Founder



Impact Measurement and Management Summit: Time to Act in Türkiye


The “Impact Measurement and Management Summit: Time to Act in Türkiye,” organised in collaboration between TED University and the Impact Investing Advisory Board (EYDK), has achieved significant success!

The “Impact Measurement and Management Summit: Time to Act in Türkiye,” organized in collaboration between TED University and the Impact Investing Advisory Board (EYDK), has successfully concluded. The summit emphasized the importance of Impact Measurement and Management in the transition to the impact economy and achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Turkey. During the summit, experts discussed various standards and frameworks in Impact Measurement and Management, social value, Social Return on Investment (SROI), and the use of SDG Impact Standards in impact management, as well as insights from data for impact.

Press Release

A First in Türkiye: Social Impact Bond Launched!

Free software training will be provided to young people in Istanbul to ensure their employment.

Istanbul Development Agency (ISTKA), operating under the coordination of the Ministry of Industry and Technology’s Directorate General for Development Agencies, has launched a $1.25 million Social Impact Bond to train and employ young unemployed individuals. Through the Social Impact Bond, young individuals entering the software sector will be equipped with future skills through an educational program and will be employed.

First Social Impact Bond: “Istanbul Coding” Project Has Begun!

The Istanbul Coding Project aims to enhance the talents and skills of young people by providing them with software training. Young individuals who successfully complete the software training programs will gain opportunities in the software sector. With this project, 550 unemployed young people will be employed, equipped with future skills. Additionally, the demand for trained human resources in the software field by companies will be met.


Press Bulletin

GLM 2023 Istanbul Inaugural Event – Watch Now on Youtube!

The GSG Leadership Meeting (GLM), organised in collaboration with the Impact Investing Advisory Board (EYDK) and The Global Steering Group for Impact Investment (GSG), will take place in Istanbul on May 30 and June 1, 2023. Path to Impact Economy: Bridging the Global North and Global South in Türkiye’s Centennial Year” is the event’s theme, where 150 impact investment leaders from 50 countries will come together with their counterparts in Türkiye.

  • Şafak Müderrisgil, President, Impact Investing Advisory Board, EYDK
  • Ahmet İhsan Erdem, CEO, Istanbul Financial Center
  • A. Burak Dağlıoğlu, President, Investment Office of the Presidency of Türkiye
  • Sir Ronald Cohen, President, The Global Steering Group for Impact Investment, GSG
  • Şafak Müderrisgil, President, Impact Investing Advisory Board, EYDK


  • Elizabeth Boggs Davidsen, Vice President, Office of Development Policy at U.S. International Development Finance Corporation
  • Sahba Sobhani, Director, UNDP Istanbul International Center for Private Sector in Development
  • Ahmet Şimşek, Deputy Director General, Development Agencies, the Ministry of Industry and Technology
  • İbrahim Öztop, CEO and Board Member, the Development and Investment Bank of Türkiye, and the Chair, the Turkish Capital Markets Association
  • Laurie Spengler, Founder and CEO, Courageous Capital Advisors, Global Ambassador to the GSG
  • Fatma Çınar, Director, TKBB, Participation Banks Association of Türkiye
  • Ebru Şenel Erim, Corporate Affairs & Communications Director, Unilever NAMETRUB, Chairperson, Sustainable Development Working Group, YASED


  • Serdar Turan, Editor-in-Chief, Harvard Business Review Türkiye


  • Louisa Vinton, Resident Representative, UNDP Turkey
  • Ali Şahin, Genel Manager, Founder One
  • Can Atacık, Member of the Executive Committee, Etkiyap
  • Cem Baytok, Managing Partner, idacapital
  • Ayşe Sabuncu, Co-founder, Impact Hub Istanbul
  • Hakan Ertürk, General Manager, Kızılay Impact Investmentand Consulting


  • Serdar Turan, Editor-in-Chief, Harvard Business Review Türkiye


  • Ibukun Awosika, GSG Trustee, Founder and CEO, The Chair Centre Group
  • Zeynep Bodur, President and CEO, Kale Group of Companies
  • Ebru Özdemir, Chairperson, Limak Group of Companies
  • Handan Abdurrahmanoğlu, Director, Regional Marketing, Business Transformation & Growth South Asia, Arçelik Global


  • Serkan Valandova, Secretary General, YASED, International Investors Association


  • Fabienne Michaux, Director, SDG Impact Standards, Deputy Chair and AFRC Chair,Housing Choices Australia,
  • Chul Woo Moon, GSG Trustee, Professor in Strategy, the School of Business, Sungkyunkwan University –
  • Seçil Sayın Kutluca, Deputy Head, Strategy Development Department, Capital Markets Board of Türkiye
  • Hale Özsoy Bıyıklı,Director, Türkven PE, Vice President,Impact Investing Advisory Board, EYDK
  • Ceyda Özgün,Social Impact Coordinator, and Member of the Executive Committee, Etkiyap
  • Gonca Ongan, Managing Director, Koç University Social Impact Forum (KUSIF), Founding Member, Turkish Social Entrepreneurship Network


  • Onur İlhan, Secretary General, Impact Investing Advisory Board, EYDK