EYDK Paid a Visit to Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Mehmet Kemal Bozay

EYDK Chair of Executive Board Şafak Müderrisgil and Board Member Hakan Ertürk paid a visit to Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Mehmet Kemal Bozay. Throughout the meeting, discussions were held on the added value that impact investments would bring to foreign relations, recent developments in the field of impact investments, and the steps to be taken to enhance the impact investment ecosystem in Türkiye.

Visit to Bilişim Vadisi

EYDK Chair of Executive Board Şafak Müderrisgil and EYDK Secretary General Tuğçe Söğüt visited Erkam Tüzgen, the General Manager of Bilişim Vadisi, to share developments in the impact ecosystem of Türkiye, assess the next steps, and discuss potential collaborations.

EYDK 2024 Information Meeting Was Held on January 19th!

EYDK 2024 Information Meeting Was Held on January 19th!

During the meeting, EYDK’s new corporate structure, the introduction of the Board and the plans for 2024 were presented to ecosystem stakeholders.

EYDK, embarked on a mission to create an ecosystem with the goal of promoting sustainable growth by supporting impact investments in Türkiye, continues its mission to make Türkiye as an entry point to the regional market in the field of impact investment through collaboration with national and international stakeholders.

EYDK membership fosters the development of capacity in impact investment strategies and instruments as an innovative financing approach, providing opportunities to collaborate on policy recommendations and strategies with stakeholders from various sectors within the ecosystem, and offering the chance to closely track national and global developments.

”Alignment of Faith-Based Investments and Impact Investing” The Second Meeting of the Working Group Was Held on January 18th!

The second meeting of the ”Alignment of Faith-Based Investments and Impact Investing” Working Group established within EYDK took place on January 18th, hosted by the Turkish Participation Banks Association (TKBB). The meeting addressed topic such as COP28 outcomes, international best practices, identification of the stakeholder ecosystem, and exploreing alternative financing instruments.

Sunshine of Şanlıurfa Project Closing Event Held!

The Sunshine of Şanlıurfa Project is funded by the European Union and implemented by the International Center for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) under the coordination of the General Directorate of Development Agencies of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, within the framework of the ENHANCER project, led by the Impact Investing Advisory Board (EYDK), in partnership with TGMP (Turkey Grameen Microfinance Program). 

The aim of the project is to increase the capacity of entrepreneurship institutions, empower Syrian and local women in the entrepreneurship ecosystem by encouraging sustainable partnerships between local and national actors, and ensure social harmony through scalable and adoptable projects.

The Closing Event organised within the scope of the project started with the opening speeches of EYDK Secretary General Tuğçe Söğüt and TGMP Southeastern Anatolia Regional Coordinator Mustafa Pehlivan. Tuğçe Söğüt emphasised the significance of women’s empowerment and stated, “Empowering women has been among the priorities of EYDK since its establishment, as it contributes to the impact economy in fundamental ways. We are delighted to have successfully completed our project in Şanlıurfa, where we were able to support women entrepreneurs through both corporate and individual capacity-building activities, making a significant contribution in this field.” Mustafa Pehlivan, highlighted the contribution of the project to women and expressed, “The Entrepreneurship Training provided by EYDK and TGMP collaboratively in our Şanlıurfa and Siverek branches has been a guiding light for 159 Turkish and Syrian women. It has illuminated the management and development of the businesses run by our working women. By nurturing and enhancing this light, our women will walk more comfortably on their own paths.” Nahid Galluf and Hatice Fidanoğlu, who participated to the Entrepreneurship Training given within the scope of the “Sunshine of Şanlıurfa” project, also shared their experiences at the event, which continued with the presentation of project outputs by Ceren Toraman, EYDK Knowledge and Project Management Specialist. After the speeches, the event continued with the Social Cohesion Workshop. During the workshop, participants had the opportunity to better acquaint themselves with each other through groups composed of Syrian and local women. Additionally, they reinforced the training received within the project’s scope by collaboratively developing business plans.

“A Strong Base for Growth” – EYDK Biennial Report (May 2021 – May 2023) Published!

“A Strong Base for Growth” – EYDK Biennial Report (May 2021 – May 2023) Published!

The report includes the founding story of the Impact Investing Advisory Board and offers a summary of its activities between May 2021 and May 2023. Additionally, it provides a general overview of the impact investment journey in Türkiye, addressing the key aspects such as Türkiye’s impact investment potential and EYDK’s vision for impact measurement and management.

Visit to Women’s Cooperatives

As Impact Investing Advisory Board (EYDK), we conducted a site visit to women’s cooperatives and youth centers in the Tekirdağ region to assess potential projects in collaboration with IC Holding, our founding member, and the Trakya Development Agency.