Turkey adopted the “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” and has been working with its stakeholders for serving its part in the global efforts. Turkey has also been integrating SDGs into its national development plans and sectoral strategies. Turkey is also a long-time member of WTO, GATT and the EU Customs Union in addition to numerous bilateral free trade deals. These all show the value bestowed upon global integration, growth and cooperation. Turkey’s official agenda focuses on the country’s centennial in 2023; a benchmark date that would shape the mid-to-long-term national trajectory.

“The Impact Investing Ecosystem in Turkey” report, which was prepared in cooperation with the Investment Office of the Presidency and UNDP IICPSD, was published and launched at the 10th Bosphorus Summit.

A workshop was organised with the call of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and was hosted by the Development and Investment Bank of Turkey. The workshop had brought together the public and private sector representatives. The report’s findings regarding the necessity of nurturing a national impact investing ecosystem were affirmed during this workshop. The next steps that had been laid out in the workshop were:

Establishing a Turkish National Advisory Board and pushing forward with the GSG processes Sharing the workshop outputs with an extended list of stakeholders by UNDP IICPSD Realizing the Turkish SDG Investor Mapping Study by UNDP IICPSD in close cooperation with the stakeholders based on UNDP’s pilot scheme in Brazil.

In line with these decisions, SDG Investor Mapping Study was then completed by UNDP IICPSD.

Etkiyap also became a member of the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) and a partner of Social Value International (SVI) and the IMP+ACT Alliance.

The Investment Office of Presidency, Etkiyap, Development Investment Bank of Turkey, UNDP IICPSD and UNDP Turkey came together as key stakeholders in impact investment.

Etkiyap brought together the experts in impact management and measurement and hosted a panel at Social Value Matters 2020 conference.

A consensus among the key stakeholders of the Turkish impact investing ecosystem regarding the EYDK’s formation was reached. Etkiyap became designated as the lead facilitator for this process.

The first Task Force meeting was held with members from (alphabetically) Development and Investment Bank of Turkey, Impact Investing Platform (Etkiyap), Investment Office of the Presidency, UNDP Istanbul International Center for Private Sector in Development (IICPSD) and UNDP Turkey.

Meetings and information sharing with GSG and other country NABs became a part of the process.

In the meanwhile, UNDP IICPSD finalised the SDG Investors Map for Turkey; having identified impactful business models and investment opportunity areas for the SDG financing.

Task Force started preparation for forming the EYDK.

The Task Force started the process of identifying and interviewing the founding members of the EYDK that was scheduled to be formed in May 2021.

The initial term of the EYDK members was comprised to be via invitation.

The Task Force finalized the preparation of the legal charter, governance structure and the budget for the EYDK.

Meetings and interviews were made with potential members of the EYDK.

The Task Force meeting was held for the last time and the list of EYDK members were confirmed at the meeting.

The Task Force’s duty ended with the formation of the EYDK.

The EYDK was formed and preparatory meetings were held with EYDK members. The president and vice presidents were selected.

Applying to GSG was accepted unanimously.

The first EYDK meeting was held on 26.05.2021.

The publicity of EYDK  took place with the digital launch on 12.06.2021.
The first round table meeting of EYDK was held on 19.08.2021.
The second round table meeting of EYDK was held on 24.08.2021
The second EYDK board meeting took place, as well as the launch of “EYDK as a Catalyser” report that was built on previous national reports, the EYDK survey and the roundtable discussions.Through an evidence-based approach, “EYDK as a Catalyser” report identified four thematic working groups that would execute EYDK’s strategic priorities.
A search conference themed “Strength in Unity” with YASED and PwC was held on 20.10.21.