What is Impact Investing Advisory Board (EYDK)?

EYDK is working towards making impact investing a mainstream investment model in Türkiye by bringing all stakeholders together. It aims to swiftly integrate Türkiye into the global impact investing ecosystem and enable Türkiye to develop international partnerships, models and projects.

How Did the Story of EYDK Start?

While impact investing is still in its early stages in Türkiye, due to the growing interest, a national impact investing report was prepared by the UNDP IICPSD based on thorough primary and secondary research and published in November 2019 with the support of the Investment Office of the Presidency. It was followed by establishing Türkiye’s first Impact Investing Association and its Impact Investing Platform “Etkiyap”, also chosen as the lead facilitator of the Impact Investing Advisory Board “EYDK”  by the mutual agreement of all key stakeholders.

The EYDK’s unique selling proposition is the country’s potential. Currently corresponding to 1% of the global population and economy, Türkiye is constantly nourished by different cultures and ideas due to its geopolitical, social and economic role as a bridge. With its human capital and unique entrepreneurial mindset, the country now needs a strategic path, the necessary infrastructure and organisation to enable this strategy and an honourable position in the global impact investing marketplace to generate sustainable and integrative value.

The EYDK shall act as a platform and facilitate the development of impact investing in Türkiye. A core aim would be to advocate and map the national field while helping all stakeholders to nourish together around a common language. Developing the necessary infrastructure would be of utmost importance in this respect. In infrastructure development efforts, cultivating a national impact measurement framework shall play a critical role. Supporting policy development and engagement processes and building mutually beneficial global, regional and local partnerships are also among the major duties of the EYDK. In order to carry out these duties successfully, the EYDK must be able to effectively gather, create and share knowledge and experiences and raise awareness through promotion, education and equitable reach.